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We are preparing for our Gospel Meeting at the Church of Christ at Milestone.  I am looking forward to having my father, Larry Montgomery with us.  The time I get to spend with him will be special to me.  However, the reason I am excited for the Gospel Meeting is because it will be more opportunities for the Gospel to be preached in our area!  I have several old articles in my files concerning Gospel Meetings that I will try to share with you this week.  The first is by Cleon Lyles entitled, "My Night to Bowl"
-Guyton E. Montgomery

"My Night to Bowl"

Cleon Lyles

Recently I was in a meeting that was not going too well.  One morning I was talking with a member who had not attended the night before.  With no feeling of shame, she told me, "Last night was my night to bowl."  That settled the matter.  it did not seem to matter that the gospel was being preached and souls needed to be saved.  God must understand that it was her night to bowl!

I have heard people say, when they wanted to attend something else, "This was planned before I knew about the meeting."  Suppose it was.  Will God accept such an excuse as that?  Is it not our duty to set aside some less important things, even if they were planned first?  Certainly, they were not planned before Jesus said, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God."  Surely we do not misunderstand what the Lord was talking about.  he had just mentioned food and clothing.  I am sure food and clothing are more important than bowling!

Please tell me why people are willing to learn and obey some of the teachings of Christ, but stubbornly refuse to learn and obey more.  Why go any of the way if we are not willing to go all the way?  Our eternal welfare was first and everything to him, and he isn't willing for us to place anything ahead of him.

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